1st Awards Gala

Our Fun Committee presented a totally FUN (yet somehow formal in a not stuffy way!) 1st ever Awards Gala for our league at The Factory Cookhouse and Dancehall last eve. There many amazing and well deserved awards presented through the night with great little intermissions of teamwork. We changed wheels together, hugged, and appreciated each other’s winning assets under the influence of karaoke, cold beer, and sparkly dresses.

There were 5 special awards that went through a nomination and voting process.

Jamtastic Jammer: Lady G Slip’er

Bodacious Blocker: Bonnie ‘N Collide

Most Improved Skater: Annie Biotix (omg! omg! that’s me!)

Zaniest Zebra: Knifey Wifey

Magic Pony Award (an extraordinary person who worked hard to build positive relationships in the league over the previous year) : magic pony

Congratulations to every single skater, volunteer, board member, sponsor, photographer, dj, nso, fan, friend & widow that made our Virgin (yeah) Season a complete jaw dropper!

Many thanks to Louise Vessey for photographing our evening. To check out the rest of her album, visit our Facebook page!

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