2012 Awards

2012 concluded with our Awards Gala in November. Thought we should share our list of awards cuz they’re pretty cool.

The Bootlegger Award
To Ruby Soho
for Bringing the Moonshine to the Maidens

The BellHop Award
to Mosie O’Pummel
For Opening doors and delivering waitresses

The Triple Threat Award
to Hell ‘N Hurtley

The Cheery Cheetah Award
to Foxxy Velocity
for being so damn fast and always wearing a smile.

The Tiger Stripe Award
to Hook’er Wheels
For being a Tiger on and Off the Track

The Footloose and Fearless Leader Award
To Lady G Slip’er
for leading us to success, always with a skip in her step (especially on the jam line).

Broken Blood Vessel Award
to Bonnie ‘N Collide
for delivering the most and best bruises

The Over the Shoulder Award
to Billie The Shiv
for being who to look out for next year!

for going above and beyond for the sake of derby and the team

The Mother Hen Award
to Rox N’ Rolls
for always taking care of her chicks

The James Brown Award
to Avada Kadavra
for being a Brickhouse!

The Wounded Warrior Award
to Annie Biotix
For always bringing her a-Game despite Illness and Injury.

The Purple Heart Award
to Miss Mayhem
For getting Injured and still making the After Party

The Toned and Zoned Award
To Di Sciple
for Being Fit and Focused on the Game!

The Goat to Gazelle Award
to Jessica Rabid
For a self-proclaimed goat who proved to really be a gazelle

The Squeaky Clean Award
to Magic Pony
for the fewest Penalties!!!

The Chumbawamba Award
to eMMa mAe
for getting knocked down, but always getting up again (in more ways than one).

A load Bearing Award
to Machine Gun Kelley
for carrying a baby and a big part of the RRnRD load! (and having a really cute jam timer time-out dance)

A load Bearing Award
to Queen Wasp
for carrying a baby and a big part of the RRnRD load! (and handling the Bout bake sales like a champ! :)

Labour and Delivery Award
to Elle Liberator
for birthing and nurturing a kick-ass group of freshies and for being there for the league

Labour and Delivery Award
to Command Oh
for birthing and raising an amazing first year travel team and leading us into battle.

Queen of Denial Award
to Vandana Shove’Her
For being Queen of the Track and Always denying being in the Penalty Box

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