DGotM: August: Double Whammy!: Crimson Ghost / Slammer & Nails

2014 is definitely a year of firsts for us.. today, we share our first time ever having a DGotM TIE! Both of these skaters are crazy deserving of the title and they agreed to share it. hehe


Crimson Ghost!


AB: Yeah ya did! You’re on fire! What the heck has possessed you in the last couple months?
CG: I’ve worked really hard to get over myself, I tend to be my own worse enemy and simply decided not to worry so much anymore and just do it.

AB: When you joined Red Rock ‘N Roller Derby in 2011, what was the attraction?
CG: It was something new & cool. A fun way to get fit and have something for myself (I had a baby 4 months earlier).

AB: You have always taken on roles of responsibility in the league. What roles have you taken on and how has your involvement evolved over the years?
CG: I’ve done little bits here & there for the board, bout committee, but mostly anything I can do to help my maidens. I’m kind of a natural organizer so if something needs to get done I have a bad habit of volunteering myself to do it.

AB: You have been added to the Red Rock ‘N Rollers All Star roster this week. Congratulations! What do you look forward to most with the opportunity to play off island with the all stars?
CG: More games! Super pumped for the chance to kick it all up a notch, learn more from anyone I can.

AB: You introduced your sister, Mock’n Sins, to roller derby in the last few months. This month, you were both added to the All Stars. What is it like to share roller derby with your sister.. especially playing on two teams with your sis.
CG: I knew she would love it & be a perfect fit so once she moved here she just HAD to do it. It’s nice to be friends as grown-ups and have a reason to hang out, we weren’t exactly tight as kids due to the age difference. Plus, now I can shove her and not get in trouble!

AB: It is quite apparent that you got ripped this year. What are you doing to get so strong, fit, and amazing?
CG: I knew derby was getting increasingly competitive and to keep up I would need to get stronger. I’ve always been slow to learn skating skills but I figured I could get in shape in the meantime. I finally gave up donuts (mostly) and stopped living off bread & cheese in general. I started dry-land training with spRAWkit and carried that into a lot of home workouts too. It’s been exhausting to squeeze all that in with shift-work and kids but I’m happy I stuck with it.

AB: I find it embarrassing that people don’t get the reference of your derby name and number, care to share?
CG: My other half introduced me to the punk band The Misfits in high school. The Crimson Ghost is a 40’s villain that they basically adopted as their mascot. When I first joined derby I just happened to search the names database and was amazed no one had taken it yet so I called dibs. “We are 138” is a Misfits song referencing a George Lucas film of which I’m also a fan.

AB: There has been an obvious spark in your derby drive this season; what is your greatest derby inspiration and drive?
CG: I’m very competitive so that’s a huge factor. I see others being awesome and I want to keep up. I see how you & Billie have grown into amazing players since we met, I get jealous of the awesomeness and want to be awesome too.

AB: Gear check! You upgraded your skates this year… How has that affected your skate life?
CG: Ugh, I wish I could say something positive here but the pain of breaking them in plagues me every time I put them on. Actually heading back to the skate shop this week hoping to find some magical solution before my feet get too wrecked.

AB: What are your goals for the remainder of our season?
CG: I would love to get more comfortable playing backwards like Mosie & Billie. I want to work on hitting jammers out more vs sitting on them like I love to do. Overall just annoy the other team and ruin lives. XXX


Slammer & Nails


AB: I had my bets on you since I coached you in Fresh Meat 2013. What brought you to roller derby and why are you so awesome?
SN: Awww Thanks! That means alot! The first time I heard there was roller derby on the Island I knew I NEEDED to join but with 2 monsters and one on the way it wasn’t the time. After that I told myself I would join but always had excuses for why I couldn’t …. it was ultimately Jigs N’ Reeler that convinced/made me join. She knew as well as I did that roller derby was for me and if it wasn’t for her I would probably still be making excuses.  She is also the reason I came into fresh meat so prepared. I got my quads in the spring knowing fresh meat was coming up and we skated together all summer. Once I was steady on my skates she would show me what was covered in practices and encouraged me when I felt like giving up. And we still laugh that I would call tomahawk stops kamikazees (they felt like that at the time!)

AB: Ok, so obviously you slam the daylights outta everyone… But whats the real background on your derby name?
SN: Choosing a derby name was super tough for me and I went through a ton of good ideas but in the end I decided to dedicate my derby name to my husband/derby widow. He is a carpenter that works away for weeks at a time and despite having only a few weeks home he has been more than supportive of me in my derby ventures (even buying me beer,and flowers, and… beer). Both my derby name and number are dedicated to him and how hard he works.

AB: What or who is your greatest derby inspiration?
SN: I can’t say I have a single derby inspiration! You all inspire me in your own way! I work hard every practice to be a blocker like Annie Biotix/Billie the Shiv, be a takeout hitter like avada kadavra, and eventually be a jammer half as good as Bonnie/smASH/Foxxy.  But if i had to choose my biggest inspiration it is Peg Leg Meg (we could all learn a lot of lessons from her!) and those who don’t have their mins but still show up to every practice and skate their hearts out. These ladies are what roller derby is all about… dedication and no matter what you never give up.

AB: What are your current goals playing with the Moonshine Maidens and what are your future goals with RRRD?
SN: I will continue to work on my blocking while learning more about track awareness. Jamming isn’t out of the question but something I’m not totally comfortable with yet. Travel team tryouts is something I look forward to in the next season.

AB: As we reach this midpoint in our season, we realize that our Freshie intake is in a few short weeks. What advice would you give to a new skater in our Fall program?
SN: Fresh meat isn’t easy but no matter how hard it seems the coaches are setting you up for success!!!! If you feel like giving up, talk about it, we have all been there! And if you feel like crying….do it, nothing to be embarrassed about, pretty sure everyone has!

AB: This is your 1st derby season, how has it met your goals and expectations?
SN: My 1st season has been amazing!  My first few games felt a little rough but I’ve come to know the game and be a stronger athlete and have better track awareness thanks to our coaches and people who yell at me on the track! Keep yelling at me.

AB: It’s no secret that you are a supportive teammate who encourages and takes responsibility. Do you have a sports background that translates to your new roller derby life?
SN: Not really… I play coed softball? I just try to appreciate the effort that everyone displays and I understand that we all have different skills levels and try to embrace and encourage (it’s the mom in me i guess)

AB: How has your life changed since you bought your quads?
SN: I went from being a frumpy, with no social life, stay at home mom to getting myself in shape while making real connections with so many amazing people.

AB: You have brought your kidlets to fundraisers and games. What do they think of their mom’s superhero powers ?
SN:  They love it! Both my 6 and 11 year old monsters are begging for quads. They are my biggest fans and moonshine maidens supporters but they love to see me fall!


Many thanks, once again, to our brilliant league photographer Alex Luckless on his photographic contributions!



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