DGotM: December: QueenWasp

This skater has been with our league since our birth. She has lived many league roles and her passion & drive is her sting – on and off the track!

AB: Way to go, QueenWasp!
QW: It was a big surprise. Thanks so much!

AB: You have been with our league since its inception and we sat at the first board meeting together in the Fall of 2010. What roles have you taken on over these past 4 years?
QW: Four years… wow, so crazy it has been that long already! I’ve been a Secretary, Insurance Rep, Treasurer, Fundraising and Sponsorship Director/Committee Chair and the Gala Committee Chair for 2014. (AB: Uh, you forgot SKATER!xxx)

AB: Can you comment on your perception of league growth since 2010?
QW: The growth has been unbelievable. We created something from nothing and it has been steadily growing each year and becoming more organized along the way. The Learn to Skate 12 week program is a perfect example of how far we have come. The fact that we now offer this is amazing! It has been a bumpy road for sure but it has evolved into something great.

AB: You are definitely known for your organized, well-planned character. What makes you tick like that?
QW: Ha! I definitely love planning but I’m not always organized. I think I just like using post it notes and highlighters.

AB: Can you name a couple pros and cons that come with derby life?
You get to play derby!
Meeting new people
Getting physical activity
doing something fun and
super cool!

Bruises everywhere (people may think you’re being abused by all the finger marks on your arms)
No time for non-derby activities (but derby activities are fun so whatever)
Derby clothing turns into your everyday attire (I think this is actually a pro)
Gear can be expensive

AB: What’s the origin of your name, number, and persona?
QW: My name is from the Misfits song Queen Wasp and number I took from my husbands old band Gallactus 77.

AB: Santa is coming in a few short weeks, do you have any special presents on your list?
QW: I would love new gear! My skates are literally falling apart. I have been using the same gear all these years. It is time for an upgrade…. I hope Santa reads this.

AB: You have experienced the 9 month injury. Can you offer any tips for new moms returning or joining derby?
QW: It sucks not being able to skate for so long. Derby is the only thing I miss when I’m pregnant.  I think it’s important to stay active in your league through non-skating roles though, as much as you can. For moms joining, it’s a great escape when you need it and also family friendly. My son loves watching me skate and enjoys when I take him out in the stroller skating around Victoria Park. It’s also a perfect way to get rid of baby weight and get your body back post pregnancy. You don’t have to be “in shape” to join. I think after having a babe you don’t always feel like your body is good enough, but derby really helps get you in shape and gives you confidence. I feel it also helps with postpartum.

AB: What has been one of your best derby memories or moments?
QW: There has been many over the years but most recently the Gala. It was a crazy busy night with many hiccups but so much fun. Also I love all the fun things I have been able to do because of roller derby and this league, like be in a music video, shoot shotguns, go to an Elton John concert, the ropes course and the list goes on!

AB: What are your goals for the 2015 season?
QW: It’s no secret I’ll be planning for another baby soon so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing in 2015. I REALLY want to skate and play with the Moonshine Maidens again but I also want to finish growing my family. It’s difficult when you feel like you’re getting in your groove but then take such a long break from skating. It can be discouraging coming back for sure. Either way I hope to be at every game, whether it’s playing or cheering on the sidelines.


Photo cred to the lovely and talented Louise Vessey. Check out QueenWasp’s page here.

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