Featured Member: Kick Her ASSets: April 2015

Red Rock N Roller Derby would like to take the opportunity to recognize all the amazing members we have within our association with the Featured Member (appearing each month)!

I am pleased to present our first Featured Member

Kick Her ASSets! 

10077_10151878186214097_56298076_nPhoto:  Kevin Molyneaux

Derby name: Kick Her ASSets
Number: 24
AKA: Tara Simmons
League: Wharf City Rollers
Team: Twisted Sisters
Position: Blocker

Q: When did you first hear about roller derby on PEI?

A: When it first started actually! I went to the first open house at Holland College. I was so intrigued and wanted to get started. But at the time I was working towards my chartered accounting designation and had no time for school work and derby.

Q: What attracted you to roller derby?

A: The fishnets? Lol. I actually don’t even own a pair. I’m a super competitive person that likes to try new things. I looked at derby as a new challenge in my life. And it’s proved to be. I was a figure skater growing up so the skating comes naturally, it’s the derby challenge that attracts me and keeps me going!

Q: When did you join?

A: I finally got to start fresh meat in January of 2013, then got pregnant in May 2013. Took a year off and was finally able to play my first season last year in 2014. I’m super excited to finally have to time and commitment to play derby in 2015!!

Q: What is your favorite part of the sport?

A: The teams and the people you meet. I have met so many wonderful people of whom I would have met otherwise. It has expanded me as a person to see people from other walks of life. This sport attracts a large variety of people each one unique, each with a story, nothing is more fantastic than that!

Q: What is your day job?

A: I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant with BDO Canada, I do mostly year end engagements for not for profit companies, municipalities, for profit, taxes, tax planning. Anything you think a public accountant would do, I do, it’s busy, I love it!


Q: How has roller derby changed your life?

A: I would like to say it hasn’t, but it has so so much. Small changes that have amounted to big things. Like small increases in confidence in myself and abilities, I can see that not only in my derby life but in the rest of my life. So many other smalls things, let’s just say my life has evolved for the better.

Q: Do you have any derby goals for 2015?

A: To have FUN!! Nothing more to be said here!

Q: Any advice for people who may be interested in joining?

A: To have fun, relax, it may seem scary but everyone is in the same boat, overly excited and scared shitless as bout day is coming. But somehow after a bout or even a scrimmage, all the derby planets align and all those feelings are gone and that is a great feeling. Accomplishment I guess…

Photo:  Kevin Molyneaux
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