Featured Member: Afton-Noon DeLight: May 2015

There are so many roles within a derby association and league to keep things running. Our members work consistently to ensure the growth of Roller Derby on PEI. We have skaters, volunteers, NSO’s, refs, coaches, Board of Directors, committee members, photographers and announcers, and most do multiple positions at once!
We are thrilled to feature one of these incredible members each month!

Introducing, Miss May 2015….

Afton-Noon DeLight


Photo: Luckless – Alex Tabor

Derby name: Afton-Noon DeLight
Number: 73
AKA: Afton Mondoux
League: Bootleg City Roller Derby
Team: Bootleg Betties

Q: How did you become a member?

A: I was introduced to roller derby during my fourth year of university at the UPEI by a young lady in one of my classes. I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew I wanted to kick some tail and meet new people.  After my first visit, I was hooked on the idea. At that time I joined, practice was in the Holland College gym and consisted of a large group of ladies trying to figure out how to skate without injury, let alone a bout play. It is truly awesome how far the sport has come.

Q: What attracted you to Roller Derby?

A: What attracted me to derby at first was the idea of doing something new and different, something that would help be become a bit more physically active, despite being out of my comfort zone, and of course I was lured in by the skates. 

Q: Has roller derby changed your life?

A: My favorite part of roller derby is that it has given me the opportunity to both challenge myself in a sport that excites me and to grow as a person with the support of my team mates. I find that in itself is life changing and as always “check your toe stops”.

Christmas 2012 family 005

Q: Do you have any derby goals for 2015?

A: After taking last season to focus on theatrical goals, my goals for this season are to work on advancing my skating skills as well as work on my role within the league.

Q: Any advice for others who may be interested in joining?

A: When I started with roller derby I grossly underestimated my lack of coordination and physical ability. I spent my first practice on skates essentially hitting the floor over and over and over. Despite this I figured if I could conquer falling and falling small on my very first day then the sky was the limit, so long as I didn’t give up.

There were days when I felt like was at  the bottom, the perpetual fresh meat, I couldn’t get through a practice without crying or leaving early, everyone else was better or getting better and I would never succeed. I have wanted to quit, but the friends that I had gained wouldn’t let me quit or give up, but instead convinced me of the improvements that I could not see myself make.

Even today I haven’t reached the sky but I work towards it both on and off the track by organizing the Health and Safety for the league. I have seen roller derby grow on Prince Edward Island. I have worked as a Volunteer, NSO, Referee, and have even co-announced a game.

If I were to give any advice to someone interested in joining I would say, “Just do it.” I know it may be seem crazy or perhaps you don’t think you’re “that kind of person” but roller derby has something for everyone and you will find your place. So whether you are born to speed around the track, keep score or even dance on the Jam line, derby is a great way to express yourself.


Photo: Luckless – Alex Tabor
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