Featured Members: Kara-lyz’her & Mosie O’Pummel: February 2016



Derby Name: Kara-lyz’her
Number: 04
AKA: Kara Arsenault
League: Bootleg City Roller Derby
Team: Moonshine Maidens
Position: Blocker

Q: When did you first hear about roller derby on PEI?

A: I heard about it back in 2010 when Patti Larson shared a post about starting a league here and having an info session at the Guild.

Q: What attracted you to roller derby?

A: That it was a sport on roller skates, I spent a lot of time roller skating at Skate Country when I was a kid and roller blading when I was a teenager so when I heard about roller derby I had to try it out.


Q: When did you join?

A:  I signed up at that info session at the Guild.

Q: What is your favorite part of the sport?

A: It’s a toss up between how much I love playing the game itself and how supportive/close leagues and teams can be, it’s truly amazing. Constantly pushing each other and building each other up, derby has brought some pretty rad people into my life!


Q: What is your day job?

A: I’m a Combined Service Worker at the Prince Edward Home. I serve the meals and do the cleaning on one of the households.

Q: How has roller derby changed your life?

A: The biggest thing is how it’s helped build up my self esteem and confidence.


Q: Do you have any derby goals for 2016?

A: To continue to improve my skills as a blocker.

Q: Any advice for people who may be interested in joining?

A: If you have even the slightest interest then give it a shot, don’t worry about what you think you can’t do or how clumsy you think you are because you can do it and you will never regret it! Best decision I ever made was joining roller derby.



Mosie O’Pummel


Derby Name: Mosie O’Pummel
Number: 11
AKA: Maureen Gay
League: The Wharf City Rollers
Team: Twisted Sisters
Position: Blocker

Q: When did you first hear about roller derby on PEI?

A: I heard about roller derby through some pretty amazing women who were trying to get a branch of roller derby started up here on the Western part of the Island and held an open house. I had just moved to PEI from Montreal and it had been a pretty quiet 3 months, I mean my dog’s a great listener but she’s not much of a conversationalist. It was pretty intimidating to walk into that rink with all those badass women but everyone was super welcoming. I thought derby would be a fun alternative sport that could get me some exercise and allow me to meet a few Islanders. Little did I know it would offer me SO much more!

Q: When did you join?

A: My first night of freshmeat was Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012. It’s been a love affair ever since.


Q: What is your favorite part of the sport?

A: I love that derby is my happy place. I love that no matter what stresses I have, what mood I’m in, or what kind of day I’m having, I can show up to practice, slip on those stinky wrist guards, and step onto the track with some of the most fantastic people I know and two hours later I magically walk out of the rink in the greatest mood. It never fails. I also kind of adore all the amazing people derby has brought into my life.


Q: What is your day job? How has roller derby changed your life?

A: I teach. Before moving here, I worked for 8 years as an elementary school teacher, now I work with intermediate school students. I’ve tried to use some derby moves to keep kids in line but body checks are frowned upon in the classroom. After 4 years, I feel like I am in a long term relationship with roller derby; it’s seeped into nearly every aspect of my life. The greatest change is all the amazing people it has introduced me to, both near and far.

Q: Do you have any derby goals for 2016?

A: In general, I want to see derby continue to grow strong and spread across the Island. A specific goal I have for this season is quite personal, and I have sat here struggling with whether I should talk about it or not for so long that I have missed my deadline for submitting this, but ultimately I think it’s important to acknowledge it because I think it happens to many, many people involved in derby. My goal this season is to renew that initial passion I had for this amazing sport. I love derby but over the years, the sparkle has dulled a bit. My goal for this season is to find that passion again, that enthusiasm that brings a smile to your face and makes your face light up whenever a person mentions that five letter word, d-e-r-b-y. My goal is to feel that fervour again!


Q: Any advice for people who may be interested in joining?

A: Do it! There is a place for everyone in roller derby. Whether you think strapping on a pair of quads to be a player or a ref is your thing or if you want to be involved off skates as a coach, announcer, non-skating official or volunteer, do it! Contact your friendly neighbourhood derby peep and ask questions or tag along to a practice. We all love sharing our love for derby, soon you will too!


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