Featured Members: Peg Leg Meg & Vandana Shove’r: December 2015

Peg Leg Meg

peg leg meg

Derby Name: Peg Leg Meg
Number: 18
AKA: Megan Gaudet
League: Bootleg City Roller Derby
Team: Moonshine Maidens
Position: Blocker/Pivot

Q: When did you first hear about roller derby on PEI?

A:  I saw Red Rock N Roller Derby in the 2013 Gold Cup Parade and thought “I need to know more about this”.

Q: What attracted you to roller derby?

A: The Athleticism and the Sportsmanship. I watched my first game with my husband before I joined the 2013 fresh meat group. I think HE knew within 10 minutes that I was going to sign up haha. I’ve never skated before but I just had to give this a try.

peg leg meg 1

Q: When did you join?

A: September 2013

Q: What is your favorite part of the sport?

A: When you’re at practice or at a bout, it’s like nothing else exists. It’s time to get away from everything else in life and just focus on two things, having fun and kicking ass with your team.

Q: What is your day job?

A: Quality Assurance Specialist at Elanco Canada Limited. I qualify new equipment and computer systems we use to make fish vaccines.

Q: How has roller derby changed your life?

A: I NEVER would have been seen in tights without something that covered my butt and was at least down to my knees before joining derby. So, I guess you could say it’s given me more confidence. I feel strong on the track, which again brings confidence. There’s also a sense of companionship that I didn’t experience in other sports I’ve been involved with.

Q: Any advice for people who may be interested in joining?

A: Not really advice, per se, but I would ask “What are you waiting for?”



Vandana Shove’r

vandana 2

Derby Name: Vandana Shove’r
Number: 65
AKA: Sally Bernard
League: The Wharf City Rollers
Team: Twisted Sisters
Position: Blocker

Q: When did you first hear about roller derby on PEI?

A: First heard about derby on the CBC when they were talking about an Open House at Park Royal United Church in Ch’town. I tried on Drop Kick Dolly’s gear and was completely infatuated with the sport before I left that night.

Q: What attracted you to roller derby?

A: I loved how much fun everybody was having! I remember immediately developing a huge crush on Hook’er Wheels that night and loving the smiles that never left everyone’s faces. I loved how I felt like a part of a team, just for putting skates on. I loved that it was a contact sport for women and I felt like I had found myself again, after a few years of living under the heavy and all-consuming-new-mom-rock.

vandana 1

Q: When did you join?

A: I joined in 200??? 12??

Q: What is your day job?

A: Farmer, homeschool teacher, mom

Q: How has roller derby changed your life?

A: Without a doubt gave me my confidence back, after some post partum issues and body issues, I had kind of lost myself and Derby kind of made me whole again. Derby surrounded me with people who supported me and helped me dig myself not only out of a bit of a rut but elevated me onto a stage with fellow confident, unique and inspiring women. Many of whom I would never have met without it.


Q: Do you have any derby goals for 2016?

A: I’m going to take some time away from actively playing derby for a season or two and throw myself at homeschooling and our farm business so that sometime, I can once again throw myself at derby without worrying about EVERYthing getting done in every part of my life. I think derby has given me the confidence to do that, where I might have tried to pretend I could do everything, once upon a time. But I’ll still be strapping on skates from time to time and likely manning a jam timer or two so everyone will not be able to escape my pleasant, soft-lullaby-like voice.

Q: Any advice for people who may be interested in joining?

A: Don’t be afraid to throw yourself at derby. Physically but also emotionally. The downs are worth the ups.


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