Featured Members: Di Harderest & Krissy KarCRASHian: October 2015

Di Harderest


Derby Name: Di Harderest
Number: 258
AKA: Melissa Montgomery
League: Bootleg City Roller Derby
Team: Moonshine Maidens
Position: Blocker

Q: When did you first hear about roller derby on PEI?

A: I spent my first three years of roller derby in Fredericton, with the Capital City Rollers. I first heard of PEI derby at the Slay of Fundy Regional Tournament in Saint John, NB. By the time I relocated to the Island, I had played a few games against PEI teams with the Daisy Cutters, so I was well acquainted (with their hip and shoulder checks, mostly).

Melissa 2

Q: What attracted you to roller derby?

A: I was a bit of a gym rat for a few years. I logged a lot of hours on the treadmill, which was great for my physical health, but pretty boring. One day, a gym employee asked me if I’d ever considered joining derby. I had been looking for a new challenge, so I ordered some gear and went for it!

Q: When did you join?

A: I joined in February of 2011.

Q: What is your favorite part of the sport?

A: Winning games is pretty awesome, haha. However, I think my favourite part of derby is the strong bond that you develop with your teammates. There’s something so awesome about that moment when you lock eyes with your friend across the track, and you know what to do, and that they have your back. It’s an incredible, energy-charged feeling.

Melissa 1

Q: What is your day job?

A: I work as a line cook and barista at a local cafe.

Q: How has roller derby changed your life?

A: I can’t imagine what my life would look like without derby. I have made the most amazing friends, have learned about hard work, discipline and commitment, have been schooled in both humility and pride. I have become more self-confident, and have learned to view my body not as an obstacle to overcome, but as a machine that can achieve awesome things if I treat it right. And, I’ve gotten to do exciting things that will make for good stories when I’m old.

Melissa 3

Q: Do you have any derby goals for 2015?

A: I would really like to work on my overall fitness level — learning to accept that my diet and training schedule are tools that will fuel my overall skill level has been challenging, since I love booze and pizza as much as the next girl. I would also like to work on being more fearless — on pushing my comfort levels, and learning to silence those thoughts that tell me to hold back.

Melissa 4

Q: Any advice for people who may be interested in joining?

A: If you’re thinking of joining, try it! Derby will challenge you in so many ways, and it’s exciting to learn a whole new set of skills. You will probably learn things about yourself that you had no idea were hiding in there! And don’t get discouraged at first. Derby is tough, and physically demanding. But like many things, if you give it your all, and really commit to earning it, you’ll get there.



Krissy KarCRASHian


Derby Name: Krissy KarCRASHian
Number: 262
AKA: Kristine Heer
League: The Wharf City Rollers
Team: Twisted Sisters
Position: Blocker

Q: When did you first hear about roller derby on PEI?

A: I first heard about derby when my friend Mama Class joined a couple of years ago.

Q: What attracted you to roller derby?

A: I was turning 40 this year and was looking for something different and fun to do to stay active.

Q: When did you join?

A: I started fresh meat last October (2014).

Q: What is your favorite part of the sport?

A: I love everything about derby, but the best part of derby has been the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made. The derby community is awesome!


Q: What is your day job?

A: I’m an admin assistant with Addiction Services at Prince County Hospital.

Q: How has roller derby changed your life?

A: Derby has given me more confidence in myself and has made me more outgoing.

Q: Do you have any derby goals for 2015?

A: I have a few goals for the 2015 season, I’ll be working on being quicker on my feet and also my edging.

Q: Any advice for people who may be interested in joining?

A: I would say ” Go for it, you won’t regret it!” This past year has been so much fun, the friendships, practices, games and of course the after parties!!!


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