Newbie roller derby players are called “fresh meat.” And you will probably hear this a LOT.

If you’re interested in joining a league, check out them out here. Find out when the next Learn to Sk8 Program will start. Please note that roller derby isn’t just about wearing fishnets and having a cool name- it is a SPORT.

Am I too young/old? We get this a lot. You have to be 19+ to join a league. Other than that, it’s really up to you and your athletic ability. Most of our girls are 30+.

Not sure you want to play? There are tons of ways you can be involved- we always need coaches, referees, sponsors and we have several committees to join.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Players must provide their own equipment in order to play/practice. This list includes:

  • roller skates
  • helmet
  • mouth guard
  • elbow pads
  • wrist guards
  • knee pads

Helmets must be of roller derby variety. Some hockey helmets work too- they just have to cover the back of your head. No bike helmets. Some cautious players wear padded shorts, tailbone protectors or “butt pads.”

New skaters can use roller blades for 2 practices. After that, roller skates are a must. What is the difference between roller skates and roller blades?

Many players also find toe guards very helpful for protecting the front of their skates. Skate toes can also be covered with tape, but this can peel off when skating on cement.

Many league players buy fresh meat packages online. Please check out the Web page for links to some of our favorite roller derby outfitters.