Roller Derby Grows Again in Summerside!

11048723_940645149299668_4954738874432507154_nSummerside has a brand new sports league- the Wharf City Rollers!

The world’s fastest growing sport continues to expand and Summerside’s roller derby league is no exception. All derby players on PEI have previously skated together under the Red Rock N Roller Derby League until after just three years, both Charlottetown and Summerside had enough members to form their own individual leagues and Red Rock N Roller Derby became an Association. Born out of the hard work of key members of the league, the Wharf City Rollers (WCR) is the new roller derby league for Summerside, PEI.

The Twisted Sisters is the home team skating under the WCR umbrella, with skaters representing from Kensington to Wellington. Forming a whole new league has been an exciting move for the Prince County members of the roller derby community on PEI. Vandana Shove’r (Sally Bernard) is President of the new league and says the time is right. “Summerside has been so supportive and our members are working so hard to make this be the great league it can be. There will be ups and downs, but with a great foundation and the passion we have for this sport, I feel confident saying that the Wharf City Rollers will be an enduring legacy in sport in Summerside.”

Most people recall a roller derby of the days of yore, with WWF-style antics and tight fitting costumes. The roller derby of today is a competitive contact sport with rules, referees and penalties, but also lots of action and strategy. It attracts a wide diversity of people and the game holds a spot for a variety of athletic skills and abilities, so everyone can find their niche in this addictive sport. The Twisted Sisters have played together for three seasons and have grown each year, offering a Learn to Skate program each fall to help train interested skaters and recruit new members to the league. 2015 will be an especially exciting season, under the new Wharf City Rollers league, with all practices and home games held right in Summerside. It will be the first season for several new members of the Twisted Sisters and there is certain to be lots to cheer for.

With the new league, comes a new logo and website and all the exciting changes that growth has to offer. With the team focused on a priority of having fun and supporting each other, 2015 is sure to be a year to remember for the Wharf City Rollers and most certainly a year to mark the beginning of continued success for roller derby in Summerside!
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