DGotM: September: Sirius Block

This sweetheart is that super generous & caring type of teammate, but lemme tell ya, Sirius Block packs a serious hit!

AB: I’m so proud of you! Congrats on the September title!
SB: Thanks so much! I’m shocked! I appreciate it and am very thankful to everyone!

AB: It has become totally apparent that you have evolved into a different skater this year, what has changed for you?
SB: I blame it all on a tree! A while back we decided to have a Moonshine Maidens team building day which included a wire walk between two very tall trees. We were told that when we reached the tree at the end to touch it and think about what we wanted to let go of. I very ungracefully made it there, touched the tree, and told myself I would let go of the fears I had that were holding me back in derby. I would no longer be afraid to really go for it and would not be so nervous to play. The very first game after the experience I felt a change in myself and keep feeling it more and more each time I put on my skates.

AB: What are your thoughts and feelings about the 2014 season?
SB: 2014 has definitely had a lot of ups and downs, but filled with a ton of learning experiences and team bonding! There have been some amazing highlights! I feel really lucky to have been able to play so much this year, especially during the Muddy River tournament and recently, being asked to play with our awesome travel team in Halifax!

AB: You recently stepped back on the board to fill the Recruitment Director position when it became vacant. You have held this position before. How does being on the Board of Directors impact your derby life?
SB: Being on the BOD really makes you appreciate just how much work goes into derby happening here on PEI. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. I love being able to hear concerns or suggestions and try to make things better. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times, but it really has enhanced my derby life. I feel like I can make a difference in a league I really care about.

AB: You have been with the league since its beginnings. What are your predictions for next year?
SB: I think next year will be a fresh start for us. We will have new fresh meat skaters joining us, new games to plan, lots to learn. Most importantly, we’ll all move forward with positive attitudes and have FUN!!

AB: What is your favourite part of roller derby?
SB: Hmm… so many favorite parts… I would have to say the confidence it’s given me and the amazing friends I’ve made! I guess that’s two things, but they’re tied for first place!

AB: What has been your most memorable derby moment?
SB: I would have to say when my team won our first game in the Muddy River tournament in Moncton. It was the first tournament I had ever been in and so much fun! I didn’t go into the game thinking about winning, so when we did there was the most amazing feeling of pride and accomplishment between us all. Having my dad and stepmom there watching was really special too. It was awesome!

AB: Have you had any derby injuries?
SB: Luckily nothing serious. A bruised bone in my hand, deep bruising and pulled muscles in my shoulder, ankle pains, but nothing that a little time couldn’t heal.

AB: Do you have any type of gear upgrades on your wishlist?
SB: Pretty much everything! The only gear that isn’t from my original fresh meat package (which I got years ago), are my skates and wrist guards. My elbow pads are now too small, knee pads looking like they might not last much longer, and helmet is starting to rust! So ya, it’s a long wishlist haha!

AB: As we get ready to tie up our season, what do you think it your biggest success in 2014?
SB: I feel like a different skater now than I did at the beginning of the season. I have struggled a lot with feeling like I wasn’t good enough, but my confidence has been growing with every practice and every game. I owe this to that tree, but mostly to my amazing fellow teammates, coaches and league members, who have done nothing but encourage me and cheer me on! I appreciate them all so much for everything!

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